Breech of the chior!

Subj: Breech of the chior! 

Date: 1/16/2016 4:14:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time 

From: (Ichabod Mackentire)

To: (spybob888)


I heard that you have been making the mutated rats again. Just chip

the ice cubes into the mexican peso dip.

You still owe money for your bellybutton amputation and your left

cheek smells. You should have received a bologna sandwich in the mail.

Woah-oh! Get the best of our sex woah oh!

David Gunsbill taking a a sleep. Motorized cheetah runs on field

track. Fresh bed mites for sale!

I'll never leave your pizza burnin. Ive talked for miles, my wheat is churnin

Do the doorstep. Do it. Do it like you mean it. Shake that microwave!